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Sulawesi Map

Sulawesi Map

Sulawesi, Indonesia :
Sulawesi once known as Celebes—is home to an amazing variety of peoples. Fishermen inhabit its coasts, catching flying fish, shark, tuna, mackerel and squid, as well as score of fish. Sailing and trading peoples, in particular the Bugis and Makassar on the South and Mandar people on the west, are renowned for their remarkable wooden sailing crafts and their voyages to destinations as distant as Singapore and Australia even to Africa.

 Now a days, Sulawesi becomes the most popular tourists destination outside Bali. The colorful ritual life of Sulawesi’s Toraja people was discovered by foreign tourists. But this remarkable culture constitutes only a part, albeit a stunning part, of the complex, ever-changing tapestry of the island. Form the mysterious megaliths of Bada Valley to the superb coral gardens near Manado, the island of Sulawesi offers a visual and cultural feast for the visitors with sufficient time and a sense of adventure.

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